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Grandparents & Villagers Workshop

Grandparents Workshop

postpartum doula, ottawa, grandparent, baby shower giftAre you lucky enough to have your parents or in-laws support you once baby arrives?
Imagine if they started out their time supporting you ALREADY KNOWING all of the latest baby and mother care info!
This workshop is held in the privacy of your or their home and revolves around a fun and engaging dialogue that covers everything they will need to know to best support the new parents and the new grandchild.
I create a light, humorous, enjoyable, and safe environment for grandparents to become ‘current’ while dispelling myths, all in a non-threatening way. This is also done while respecting all of the wisdom, knowledge, and experience that they offer your family.
Imagine if it is your mother-in-law, instead of you, being the one saying “oh nowadays research shows that….” – take this worry off of your list today and invite me in to meet the soon to be grandparents!!
I promise it will be worth the $97 for the 2 hour workshop, for months and years of peace of mind of openly welcoming their support and advice.
Topics Covered:
  • Trends in pregnancy and birthing that may be different from their time
  • Current feeding recommendations (both for milk/formula and then for solids)
  • Safety recommendations
  • Normal baby elimination
  • Benefits of proximity/attachment
  • Normal postpartum mental wellness
  • Skin to skin, cord care, bathing, diapering, SIDS, car seat safety, and more!

All while providing a true understanding of why things may have changed since their time parenting!

Villagers Workshop / Planning for a Wonderful Postpartum

I also offer this in a Villagers Format, which means we get together with everyone who will be involved in helping your family out after baby arrives; aunt, best friend, partner, grandma, cousin, etc. We all sit together and get on the same page for what you envision your postpartum time to be. Everyone leaves feeling empowered with their role at how they will help. Everyone wants to help but sometimes we don’t know what the new parents want. Best to make it clear for everyone from the get go.

This workshop also includes many topics for planning for your postpartum. We will go over the ‘not so typical registry list’ that includes things like:

  • Prioritizing Self-Care
  • Utilizing Nutrition
  • Setting up Systems
  • Meal Trains
  • Babywearing
  • Herbs
  • Massage
  • Baths
  • and more!

Fees: Only $97 for each of these 2 hour workshops, a great Shower Gift!

Contact me anytime to schedule your Grandparents or Villagers Workshop.