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Our Style of Care Sets us Apart!

 Exceptional Follow-Up & Continued Support

Consultations available during the evenings and on weekends when YOU are free

In addition to Intuition Parenting’s completely gentle and holistic approach to sleep consultation, one of the many things that sets us apart is the extensive follow-up involved with every package offered. I understand that something can seem clear in the moment we are working on it together, but become foggy at your hardest and most tired moments. A deep understanding of our babies needs and a great actionable family plan can be motivating when we create it together but it does not mean maintaining that respect and understanding of the biology of our babies’ needs is easy all of the time.

That is why I want to be available to you to answer questions as they arise or even to just hear you out and let you know that you are doing a wonderful job. You can write to me with the good and the bad and I am all ears. Enjoy Intuition Parenting’s UNLIMITED email support with many of our packages.

Also, life is already busy enough attempting to fit in appointments and other commitments during regular “business hours”, so I offer consultations in the evenings and on weekends to allow flexibility for busy families.

I look forward to working with you!

1. Healthy Family Sleep Workshop

Sleep Education for New or Expecting Parents

Group Class or Private In-Home Options

Intuition Parenting’s Infant Sleep Group Class offers you the eye-opening and exciting knowledge about normal infant sleep, and how you can support it.

Dive into this topic prenatally to set yourself up to have realistic expectations of what is to come so that you can embrace and enjoy early babyhood! If baby has already arrived, feel free to join us with your new little bundle of joy. This class uses evidence-based research, practical parenting tools, invaluable infant sleep knowledge, all to set the stage for healthy sleep attitudes so that your baby can grow up knowing that sleep is a safe place to go, and a safe place to stay.

In this 2 hour workshop we cover:

  • Infant Sleep: Expectations vs. Reality
  • What attachment theory and brain development have to do with sleep
  • Normal sleep patterns, and why waking is GOOD!
  • Gentle tools and strategies to Parent to Sleep, let’s broaden the menu of choices and the people who can help!
  • Ensuring safe sleep
  • Tricky times & sweet spots to be expected and how to cope
  • How to set up daytime support systems to handle nighttime parenting
  • How to support healthy family balance
  • Creating a nursery that will actually work for you
  • Q & A

You will receive a package of all materials covered for future reference so that you may relax, listen, and learn.

Group Class: $65.00 per person or $115.00 per couple

Customizable Private In-Home Class: $149.00

(This is a great shower gift idea! Contact us to set this up)

In case you have questions after the class, both course methods include:

  • 1 follow-up email
  • 1 scheduled 15 minute call

This package is best suited for parents who desire some sleep education but do not require a Personalized Sleep Strategy at this time.

2. Baby Steps Sleep Support Package

The Baby Steps Sleep Support Package is a starter package that includes key aspects of sleep education (as described above in Package 1, the Healthy Family Sleep Workshop) that are tailored to your child’s developmental stage as well as support for your family’s sleep needs. This is achieved through a Sleep and Wellness assessment, a piece on managing expectations, creating goals, creating a menu of tools to help your child sleep, understanding upcoming common developmental milestones and “Sleep Regressions” and how to cope with them, identifying the sweet spots to look forward to, and planning how to find balance in your family.

The process is as follows: 

  • Full assessment of your child/family’s sleep with use of the Sleep and Wellness Pre-Assessment Form to be completed by the parent who does the majority of nighttime parenting
  • In-depth review of the Pre-Assessment Form by the Infant Sleep Educator prior to consultation session
  • One 1.5-hour consultation session to:
    • Review the Sleep and Wellness Pre-Assessment Form
    • Provide sleep education for your baby/toddler’s developmental stage
    • Discuss your sleep concerns
    • Devise a Strategy to move forward with
  • A written Personalized Sleep Strategy is prepared and emailed to you after the consult
  • One entire week (after receiving your families Personalized Sleep Strategy) of UNLIMITED follow-up email support is included to answer any questions that arise
  • One 15 minute follow-up phone call is included to be scheduled within one week of receiving your families Personalized Sleep Strategy

Two formats available:

  • Virtual Format*: $249.00
  • In-home Format: $275.00

3. Big Changes Sleep Support Package

Get a SECOND Consultation & ONE MONTH of Follow-Up!

Consider this package if you believe a big shift is in order (such as night weaning, moving a child to their own room, as a few examples). It takes us some time to assess whether you are ready for the big shift, to devise a gentle strategy that resonates with your value systems, and to ensure the plan will succeed by approaching it with support from every angle possible (please see this article that describes the process we will follow together).

You also may appreciate extra support as you work to make a successful change, especially in the case of a big shift. Putting into action the strategy we devised together can bring up new questions along the way.

For these reasons, this package includes everything included in the Baby Steps Sleep Support Package above with the following additional inclusions:

  • A second 1.5 hour consultation for a total of 3 hours of consultation
  • Three additional weeks of unlimited email support (for a total of one month)
  • Two additional 15 minute follow-up phone calls (for a total of 3 calls) to schedule within the month

Two formats available:

  • Virtual Format*: $339.00
  • In-home Format: $375.00

If you aren’t sure whether your current concerns would benefit from the Big Changes Sleep Support Package, please make use of our free 15 minute sleep consult so that I can help you figure out which package is best for you and your family at this time.

4. Combination Package

Sleep Education PLUS Newborn Sleep Support

Are you still expecting your bundle and would like to set yourself up for a healthy approach to sleep from the get-go to avoid issues later on, and best of all, have an Infant Sleep Educator at your fingertips for the first few months?

This combination package offers the 2 hours of in-depth Sleep Education as described above in Package 1, Healthy Family Sleep Workshop, followed by receiving a Personalized Newborn Sleep Strategy before baby is born. Once baby is born, a one hour consultation is scheduled when needed during the first few months PLUS the ‘BEST of the Bunch’ follow-up support package as follows:

  • 2 hours of prenatal sleep education
  • A written Personalized Newborn Sleep Strategy for you to refer to for the first three months with your baby
  • A one-hour sleep consultation anytime during the first three months to troubleshoot, help ensure you are on the path you wish to be, go over any questions, etc.
  • Three months of unlimited email support after baby is born
  • FOUR 15 minute phone calls during the first 3 months of babies life

Two formats available:

  • Virtual Format*: $429.00
  • In-home Format: $469.00

5. Tricky Times Email Package

As you enter Tricky Times with your little one, a little bit of support may go a long way. Contact me as you enter a Tricky Time to set up a week long unlimited email support package. As with all of Intuition Parenting’s packages, follow up to see how you are doing is important to me, so this includes one follow-up email exchange, led by you at any point in the two weeks following the end of our Tricky Times email package.

Value: $79.00

6. In-Home Coaching Support

Have you tried everything and need a fresh eye? If you do not require a full Personalized Sleep Strategy but would still like a home visit where we can work hands-on on anything from your Parenting to Sleep Repertoire with some demonstrations or adjustments to the nursery set-up and your families sleeping arrangements to improve everyone’s sleep, contact me to schedule some in-home coaching.

Again, as with all of Intuition Parenting’s packages, follow-up to see how you are doing is important to me, so this includes one follow-up email exchange, led by you at any point in the two weeks following our In-Home Coaching Support.

Value: $35.00 per hour

7. Mini Virtual Sleep Support

If you have some questions about the current state of sleep in your home, whether it be touching base on what is normal for your child’s current developmental stage, or tips and tricks to gently and respectfully nudge sleep in a direction you are hoping, having a quick chat might be what you are looking for. Please note that this package is not ideal if you have big issues you would like to address.

You will submit your current questions, worries, and inquiries in an intake email so that I may make the best use of our time and we will schedule a 45 minute conversation using the *Virtual Format of your choice.

This will not include a Personalized Sleep Strategy but again, as with all of Intuition Parenting’s packages, follow-up to see how you are doing is important to me, so this does include one follow-up email exchange, led by you at any point in the two weeks following our conversation.

 Value: $69.00

*Virtual Format – your choice of a video (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts) or a phone consult


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