Intuition Parenting Support Services


Here you can find the kind words of past clients to help you know if we might be a great fit!

Birth Story Medicine

I haven’t had an episode of sadness since our meeting. No more crying when seeing a newborn commercial and no more feelings of defeat. Even looking at my c-sections scar… I never saw it as ugly, I didn’t care for the scar as a beauty point of view …but I used to feel bitter about it. And now I almost have a feeling of fierceness about it. We are trying for baby #2, even if I’m a little early and I know I might not have a choice but to have another c-section and I am ok about it. Thank you very much! You have done so much to help me, I am very grateful for our meeting. ❤️”

Gentle Sleep Support

“Oh my gosh, we can’t thank you enough. Your visit left us in such a great mood. Every home needs you, I swear. My husband turned to me and said, “Julia is such a good listener”. You sure are. You are so supportive & reassuring.

“She did her best night EVER last night… we no longer have bedtime battles and she has not regressed yet (even with a tooth popping out!). I cannot thank you enough! You took all the stress out of her sleep!!! I am forever grateful and will never hesitate to recommend you!!

Postpartum Doula Support

‘I cannot recommend Julia Nichol enough. She helped me with so many aspects of my recovery, both physical and emotional.  She drew me herb baths, gave me an essential oil massage, helped me with breastfeeding, and cleaned my kitchen.  She brought over delicious and nourishing home-cooked meals designed for recovery and immune support.  She was so open and easy to talk to that I ended up working through so many challenging postpartum emotions just by talking to her (the disappointment of having a cesarean over my planned home birth, the anxiety of managing two children – Julia has two littles as well – and the sadness of my first no longer being my baby, etc…).  She helped me to prioritize my own self care, and to normalize the very IDEA of prioritizing myself and my health in the journey of early motherhood.  She left me with a lot of resources, and continued to provide support even after our time together had come to a close (ex. emailing me a massage protocol for taking care of my stubborn cesarean scar that took forever to heal). I cannot say enough good things.’

Julia is a breath of fresh air, she is respectful, non-judgemental, and was sensitive to our needs. We used Julia for support when my son was 8 months old. We were feeling overwhelmed with the needs of three little ones and in a time where we as parents were dealing with an illness and needing some support and extra hands. She was quick and efficient and was great at seeing what needed to be done and jumped in willingly to get things done. She was pleasant, friendly and easy to chat with and my kids enjoyed having her over as well. She even left me with a little package of salts and herbs for self-care to use at a later date. She helped us feel like we had support in a time when we were struggling and made a difficult time easier.”

I would absolutely recommend Julia, particularly to people who do not have family who will be helping out on a daily basis. For those who do have family helping out, the villagers workshop is really helpful prenatally, for managing expectations, and having an advocate for the new mom when it comes to parenting choices which may not be in line with what in-laws may have been accustomed to.”

“Julia was available 24/7 during our postpartum stage and as a new mom this was invaluable. She helped to answer my thousands of questions and assisted me with everything from breastfeeding to meal prep! She offered different methods and theories which really helped ease my new mom anxieties. Julia is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful about all things baby and mamma! Julia is an amazing doula. My husband and I could not recommend her enough!”

“I really appreciated having a few moments to myself to either get things done around the house, or getting some active alone time out of the house with a friend or my dog. Being able to relax out of the house, without the baby was only possible knowing that someone I trusted, who was very comfortable with babies, was caring for My little one.”