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Birth Story Medicine

Do you carry any hard thoughts about moments in your pregnancy, your labour, or your postpartum period? Are there certain memories that you try to not think about? Do you feel a pang of worry or angst when envisioning birth again for a next child?

If any of these ring true with you, Birth Story Medicine might be for you.  

I am trained as a Birth Story Listener by Birth Story Medicine, created by Pam England, who is the author of some truly incredible birthing books including Birthing from Within, Ancient Map for Modern Birth, and Labyrinth of Birth.

Take a look at this beautiful video to know what Birth Story Listening is:

I can come to meet you wherever is best for you. However, you are also welcome to meet at my home office in Russell where I can ensure a quiet environment free of distractions and a nice shared pot of tea. A distraction free setting (free of relatives, sitters, or pets coming and going, not a coffee shop, for example) is pivotal. This time should be completely about you so you may find the most healing within yourself. 

This will be a different setting than ever before for sharing your birth story. In our time together, you can hope to come away with a shift in how you feel about your birth.

Client Testimonials:

I haven’t had an episode of sadness since our meeting.
No more crying when seeing a newborn commercial and no more feelings of defeat.
Even looking at my c-sections scar… I never saw it as ugly, I didn’t care for the scar as a beauty point of view…
…but I used to feel bitter about it. 
And now I almost have a feeling of fierceness about it. 
We are trying for baby #2, even if I’m a little early and I know I might not have a choice but to have another c-section
and I am ok about it. 
Thank you very much!

You have done so much to help me, I am very grateful for our meeting. ❤️”

“I met with Julia to tell one of my birth stories, the one that had left me unsettled even years later.
The experience was so healing.
I’m amazed at how she was able to guide me through my memories to untangle my emotions.
I’m very grateful for her gentle guidance!” ~MK

Fee: $60 for a 1 hour session, $55 for any subsequent sessions.

It often only takes one session to find new meaning and come away feeling different and renewed about your birth. Contact me today to book your session.

birth story listening, gemstones

During your birth story listening session, if you wish, you may choose a gemstone to hold and keep with you. Let this represent your change work. Bring it home with you, and let it remind of your new realizations.

I collected these stones for you for a number of reasons.

First, holding something in our hands can be quite calming and stabilizing. Something tactile to maneuver helps to ground our senses while we ponder hard thoughts.

Second, having a symbol to remind of us our work and new mindset can be so beneficial.

Finally, if you happen to also believe in the properties of gemstones, these were not chosen haphazardly. Choose one to hold that calls to you, and these benefits may also accompany your choice:

  • Protection, restores energy, and eases stressful situations.
  • Enhances one’s perceptiveness.
  • Provides balance.
  • Promotes acceptance.
  • Aids in self-trust.
  • Aids in protection against envy, rage, and resentment.
  • Supports during times of stress.
  • Helps to balance emotions.
  • Helps to remove fear.
  • Helps to dissolve problems.
  • Promotes strength, stability, and security.
  • Eases emotional stress.
  • Grounds energy.
  • Rectifies bad situations.
  • Promotes relaxation.
  • Helps us to be patient with ourselves and with others.
  • Calms and helps balance the body as well as the spirit.
  • Helps allow you to view unhealthy patterns in your own behaviour, opening the door to change.
  • Soothing, peaceful, and may be used when trying to regain balance in life.
  • Helps one deal with issues from the past that are blocking progress for the self in the present and future.
  • Worn during mourning.
  • Of great help to improve relationships.

Which will you choose? I look forward to finding out.

Come practice Birth Story Medicine with me. I look forward to sharing a pot of tea.

NEW COMPLIMENTARY OFFERING!! A new service offering that pairs so wonderfully with a Birth Story Listening Session is Reiki Energy Healing that can be practiced after your Birth Story Medicine Session to help release the past and ground in your your newly found perspectives. Emotional release can be common during Reiki sessions. What a perfect time to let it all go during our time together.