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#1 Hack for the Early Crawling, Climbing, & Cruising Days

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There are many difficult stages while your baby is learning to navigate the world around them.

One moment you are throwing your hands in the air, giddy, cheering them on for their new attempts, and the next you are consoling them over a new bonk from a failed attempt.

Learning to fall and to brush off those bonks is a big part of early childhood.

You may learn pretty early that these little ones look to us to see how we react. If we panic and swoop in too soon, they feel that energy and may feel nervous about pushing the limits, so we must give them the space to explore.

On the other hand, we of course don’t want to be heading to the ER with a forehead gash either! We must find that balance and that means a lot of time on the floor with them as they start to crawl, climb, and cruise.

There is usually a good few weeks to a month or more, where keeping them safe while they eagerly practice their new skills can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you have older kids to tend to as well.

For those moments my family discovered THE POOL!!

Some kiddos are perfectly happy playing away in a high chair or a pack n play for example, while you cook dinner but some do not want to be confined and make that quite clear.

We learned that if you hop in and play with them in their safe space, it no longer feels like baby jail!

You can set it up anywhere too!

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Inflate the pool outside somewhere to let it air out before using it (the fumes from the plastic can be strong)
  2. Instead of padding it with blankets inside where they can bunch up, place a thick blanket underneath for cushioned falls
  3. Keep enough air in it or some very eager 7 month olds will attempt and succeed at jumping out if it is even somewhat deflated!
  4. Fill the pool with soft toys, to avoid falling on hard ones

Believe me, this little guy who at 7 months learned to crawl, climb, and cruise in one week, at 7.5 months learned to free-stand, at 8 months started taking his first steps, and then fully walked to us a week shy of 9 months…he still gets plenty of time to roam and explore his world uninhibited. The pool has helped keep us all sane for the breaks in between!

Oh and your little ones can of course enjoy water play in it too!


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