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Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing

As a trained Reiki Practitioner, Julia can add a relaxing and both mentally and physically balancing session of hands-on energetic therapy to any of her offerings, or on its own.

Reiki can be quite rejuvenating, balancing, relaxing, and a pleasant experience for anyone in the family. It is safe and calming to both the mother and baby if you are expecting, and can be practiced on anyone from newborns to the elderly with benefit.

I sought out and added this to my offerings as if you are seeking my services for postpartum doula support, for sleep woes with your child, or for birth story medicine, this is an incredible complimentary service that can bring you and your little ones some additional peace during these times of transition. If at the very least it offers a brief pause in time to relax, place the focus on yourself, enjoy a sequence of touch, and relieve stress; leaving you feeling renewed afterwards.


For stand alone Reiki sessions:
30 mins – $45
45 mins – $55
60 mins – $70
As an add-on to another in-home session or studio session, when we are already working together for  Gentle Sleep Support or Birth Story Listening:
15 mins – $15
30 mins – $30
45 mis – $45
60 mins – $60
We will add this time to the session time.
During Postpartum Doula Support, Reiki Sessions can be practiced during any visit at no extra cost.